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Three Tears Karate


Okinawan Karate Dojo

Okinawan Karate Club of Dallas

Okinawan Karate Club of Dallas teaches traditional Okinawan Shorin Ryu karate as taught by Eizo Shimabukuro O'Sensei and Okinawan Shudokan karate as taught by the late Walter Todd Sensei.Okinawan weapons (kobudo) are taught to advanced students. OKCD also offers training in Arnis and Jujutsu. The dojo has been in Dallas since 1984 and serves all ages with classes every day, no contracts and low monthly dues.

Northwest Budokan

The Northwest branch of the OSMKKF. The OSMKKF hombu is in Okinawa City, Okinawa and is headed by Master Fusei Kise. The NorthWest Budokan was founded by 7th Degree Black Belt, Kyoshi Jay Gravelle and is based in Everett, WA.

Classes are taught at locations in the Everett, Mukilteo and Monroe area north of Seattle, WA. Okinawa Shorin-ryu Matsumura Seito is a very traditional style of karate and is taught with a "Real World" attitude for today's world rather then tournament style. No long stances or high kicks! What is taught are traditional aspects: empty hand karate, kata (forms), tuite (self-defense/joint locks), bag work, one steps, kick drills, change body and kobudo (weapons).

Atlanta Karate School

Emphasizing the development of self and technique, not competition.
All of the martial arts at Atlanta’s Traditional Okinawan Karate-do Dojo are taught in an atmosphere of cooperation and mutual respect. The goal is to strengthen the individual in all aspects of development. In keeping with the traditional concepts of Budo, the practitioner is encouraged and assisted in developing all facets of his or her personality, including intellectual, moral, and physical aspects.

Pine Forest Martial Arts

Located in Pineville, LA, Pine Forest Martial Arts offers classes in Okinawan karate, weaponry, and tuite. Also offered are classes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and adult combatives. The dojo is a member of the Okinawa Shorin Ryu Kenshin Kan Karate and Kobudo Federation (OSMKKF).


Okinawa Shorin-ryu Karate-do Kenkyu Kai - Shobayashi-Kan

A group of “Student-Teachers” dedicated to preserving a small segment of Shorin-ryu karate-do -- one of Okinawa’s classical martial arts. The group is committed to life-long study, skill, character development, and healthy living habits, in an effort to honor the accomplishments of some of Okinawa’s great masters - past and present.

International Shorin-ryu Matsumura Seito Karate-do Federation (ISMSKF)

ISMSKF is dedicated to the preservation of Grand Master Hohan Soken and Grand Master Fusei Kise’s Karate-Do. The ISMSKF is also dedicated to keeping the “Seito” in Shorinryu Matsumura Seito Karate-do.

Karate Resources

Tonbo Martial Arts

Martial arts uniforms (gi), supplies, weapons, videos and more! Quality products at a reasonable price for teachers and students alike.

IkigaiWay | Martial Arts Blog

IkigaiWay is a classical martial arts blog focused on the philosophy of old style training. The website features articles discussing technique, self defense, weapons, mindset, and more. Also provided by IkigaiWay are original ebooks, instructional videos, and unique interviews with some of the world's premiere artists.

The Applied Karate Blog

A blog and its associated podcast explore the histories, personalities, techniques, technologies, applications and philosophies of classical karate.

One Minute Bunkai

Very good, short videos showing some possible applications of karate techniques. These videos provide a deeper view of the techniques that movements in kata might have represented.

Sensei Opelenik's Digital Dojo Blog

A Sandan in Shobayashi-ryu, John Opelenik sensei has been training for over 20 years. His blog provides students of traditional karate relevant, interesting information regarding all aspects of their training.

Healing and Martial Arts

Healing and Martial Arts of Rockville, Maryland offers traditional Uechi-Ryu Karate, Okinawan Kobudo, and Japanese Reiki training. Since 1995, it has been providing expert instruction in small class settings by blending a deep respect for the traditional arts with modern practicality.

Dallas Japanese Tutor

Dallas Japanese Tutor offers small group and private lessons in Japanese, ESL, writing, origami and karate.

Blackall Photography

Kelly at Blackall Photography produced most of the product images on this site (the good ones! LOL). She also does an amazing job at portraiture and wedding photography.


Boom Self Defense

An Austin, TX based organization that provides effective, realistic self-defense training that works for everyone through local classes, as well as national and international seminars.